As humans it is our responsibility to protect and save our environment and the animals that live in it. Blood Knot Ring Co makes it easy to send in unwanted monofilament line and nets on our website.


Blood Knot Ring’s design allows us to use unwanted line, nets, and other monofilament to make our ring forms, which are made out of 100% recycled plastic.


Each year thousands of animals die from entangled fishing line and nets. Monofilament fishing line is by far the most dangerous kind of debris encountered by wildlife. Because it is thin and often clear, it is very difficult for birds and animals to see.

Meet the man behind the ring

From the Great Lakes to the Florida Coasts, Bobby, Founder BKR, saw an astonishing amount of un recycled fishing line along the shore line and found himself routinely picking it up and cleaning the waters. Being a creative thinker and a voice for sustainability he would find a way to recycle the line into something we could use.


Blood Knot Ring works directly with non for profits that collect monofilament line and nets to clean our waters and save animals. A portion of our profits are donated back to help support their efforts to keep the waters free of plastic. 

Thank you to the following organizations for photos used on our website: Turtle Rescue of the Hamptons, NOAA, Big Perch - Fishings Future.